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Use the Magnolia CMS 5 tag/snippet manager app to keep organised your tracking snippets ( and test with node.js)

In a couple of days german version of Linux Magasin will ship a bundle of latest Magnolia CMS with a couple of apps. One of those apps is a so called tag or snippet manager that allows you to easily maintain you analytic tags. In this post we will explain you how to use it […]

M5: Create a custom action and send a message to the pulse

Actions already existed in previous versions of Magnolia, but they are now magnified by their ease of integration in Magnolia’s new version, augmented with a very nice framework with nice communication and user notification possibilities. The Pulse is magnolia’s new inbox, it can be used for many purposes, but is mainly designed as the system’s […]

Auto-Complete, suggestions for Magnolia CMS with JQuery/SolR Part 5/5 (Adding the jquery script to show the autocomplete)

Ok, remember our theme module from last post, we will as well put a javascript there that will deal with the autocomplete stuff. JQuery comes by default in magnolia pages, you just should create your own jQuery handler to avoid conflicts, this is why the var jq = jQuery.noConflict() is there. And now the freemarker […]

Auto-Complete, suggestions for Magnolia CMS with JQuery/SolR Part 4/5 (Adding the css to show the autocomplete)

We will be using JQuery UI’s css id’s and classes and just apply the basic styling to it so that it looks like this: First let’s discuss on how to apply stylings to Magnolia CMS. Stylings are going over a Theme, a theme is a specific module that will contain images like icons, JavaScript’s and […]

Auto-Complete, suggestions for Magnolia CMS with JQuery/SolR Part 3/5 (Adding the Solr servlet logic to magnolia )

In this part we will add the servlet to Magnolia that will communicate with SolR and some JQuery script in  the search page. To avoid confusion I will just explain what I did to layer up things a bit, the complete classes will be provided as attachment or on request, I did not decide yet. […]

Auto-Complete, suggestions for Magnolia CMS with JQuery/SolR Part 2/5 ( Solr Suggestion handler )

Welcome to part 2 of this Magnolia Tutorial on creating an auto complete functionality in Magnolia CMS using JQuery and SolR. In this part we will concentrate more specifically on implementing the suggestion/auto complete handler in SolR. Let’s open SolR’s configuration file that you can find in solr/nameofyourcore/config/solrconfig.xml, open it and paste teh following xml […]

Auto-Complete, suggestions for Magnolia CMS with JQuery/SolR Part 1/5 ( Adding Magnolia content to SolR )

In this post we will create from scratch an auto complete searchbar in Magnolia CMS using SolR and JQuery ( and maybe some more stuff ). As the suggestions are generated from the Solr index, the first thing we need to do is to index the Magnolia CMS website content into SolR. To do so we […]